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隐藏你的资料 Pocket Files Pro – Hide & lock photo, video, docs [iOS]

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用Pocket Files Pro轻松隐藏你手机上的照片视频和文件,加上密码保护你的隐私。


***** Pocket Files Pro is FREE for a very limited time! *****

Pocket Files Pro is the ultimate tool to manage and keep your Photos, Videos and Documents safe and private. Easily capture or import your photos/videos from a device or computer, create new albums (including sub-folders), text files and access them from iMessage. Set passcode for the folders or launching the app and catch the intruder’s picture (including GPS location) who attempt to break-in to your app or folders.

Key Features
◉ Simple and elegant photo, video and file manager, create new folders/subfolders (or albums) and import photos/videos or any other documents

◉ Lock & password-protect any folder and its files by using flexible passcode or Touch ID

◉ Easily access and send any of stored files from the Messages app

◉ Break-in report: catch photo and location of any intruder who tries to break-in to your app

◉ Decoy Mode: open a completely new screen with different folders/files by entering a decoy passcode (manageable by user)

◉ Import photos/videos from your device, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more

◉ Take photo or record videos inside the app

◉ Easily import or export files from your computer wirelessly or iTunes

◉ View photos, videos, animated GIFs, PDF, ZIP, Microsoft Office documents or iWork files