WII U和Switch模拟器 - Cemu 1.15.5 发布

Cemu是一款由荷兰作者自己独立开发的WII U模板器,目前已经有很多游戏可以正常模拟,包括:塞尔达传说-荒野之息。当然由于游戏主机本身配置就不低再加上软件开发模板,WII U对于电脑的配置也是不低的。基本配置:i38100或者i57500 显卡960以上能30帧流畅

《WII U和Switch模拟器 - Cemu 1.15.5 发布》

# New in 1.15.5c:

coreinit: Tweaked MEM2 heap size as some games expect system RPLs to occupy a certain amount of available memory (#48)

# New in 1.15.5b:

GX2: Fixed bug in framebuffer creation

# New in 1.15.5:

general: Added option to remember window positions
general: Added filter option to graphic pack window
general: Updated game profiles

CPU/JIT: New implementations for FRES and FRSQRTE with much higher accuracy (#3)
CPU/JIT: Added implementations for PS_CMPU0 and PS_CMPU1

GX2: Use floats instead of integers for viewport to match GPU7 hardware more closely
GX2: Avoid calling glClearTexImage on Nvidia due to extremly bad performance (clearing a 4K texture could take up to 50ms CPU time)
GX2: Fixed random crash that could occur with cache accuracy on high
GX2: Fixed incorrect viewport size calculation when resized by graphic packs
GX2: Reverted GX2ConvertDepthBufferToTextureSurface() change from 1.15.4 since it broke other games (#37)

H264: CheckDecunitlength() no longer requires valid PPS/SPS (fixes crash/softlock in Tank! Tank! Tank!)

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues fixed by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/


官网下载:Cemu 1.15.4

官网下载:Cemu 1.15.5



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