[iPhone][限时免费]迷宫益智游戏 - Maze-A-Maze +


简介 迷宫益智游戏 – Maze-A-Maze +


Maze-A-Maze is an amazing labyrinth game featuring realistic physics and fun gameplay. Play this beautiful casual labyrinth game with challenging time-limited mazes, collect stars and complete each maze in the shortest time to gain a higher score! Use the accelerometer tilt based controls to control the the ball in the maze. The difficulty level of each maze increases with every level. This version comes with 30 fun and challenging mazes mazes.

屏幕截图 迷宫益智游戏 – Maze-A-Maze +

《[iPhone][限时免费]迷宫益智游戏 - Maze-A-Maze +》

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