Softmatic Shapes [Mac]



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Softmatic Shapes arranges your photos along a shape’s outline, fill, or along arbitrary text. Simply drag drop your images, select a shape or enter text, done.

Using a small image size gives a mosaic-like effect. Using a heart-shaped image mask filling a heart-shaped symbol gives a result like in the screen shot.

Besides scores of predefined symbols, Softmatic Shapes is fully unicode compatible and lets you use all special characters or plain text as outlines.

Additionally the images can be masked with one of the dozens of supplied masks, like hearts, stars, geometric shapes, balloons, callouts and much more. The possibilities are endless.

The rendering is highly customizable, the images can be randomly rotated and resized for great variety. Frames can be added with user defined size and color. Every change in the settings renders the display in realtime – no waiting, instant feedback.

Export as high resolution raster image or vector PDF with user defineable solid or transparent background. Quality settings for screen (72dpi) and print (300dpi).

Many more screenshots and info on our website!


《Softmatic Shapes [Mac]》




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